Hair Simulation

The passage of time can provide you with wisdom. It can also take away your hair. A new procedure makes you look like you’ve got a full head of lovely locks — with no pills, potions or lotions involved.

If your hair’s thinning — or, like Elvis, has completely left the building — the Hair Removal & Skin Center in Greenville, NC can bring back your glory days with hair simulation.

Joni Brown, owner of Hair Removal & Skin Center: “Hair simulation is a revolutionary procedure that takes the place of recreating follicles in the head.”

There’s no surgery or implants or anything like that. The procedure will take a permanent makeup pen, which is a digital pen where the technician will actually use a small micro needle to create a simulation of hair follicles.

The procedure is painless. The needles vibrate while the work is done. It takes between two and 10 visits to get the results you’re after. Creating the look of a full head of hair is no easy job.

If you’ve had enough of not having enough hair, give hair simulation a shot.