downloadWhat is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal in which an individual hair is removed at a time. This method of hair removal is usually good to have done in small areas such as the eye brows, lips, and chin. Electrolysis can be done on ANY color hair and skin type.  This procedure is done by inserting a small probe into the hair follicle.  There are three different types of modalities/methods that can be used to destroy the hair; Galvanic current which produces a chemical reaction creating lye, Thermolysis which produces heat to destroy the hair, and there is the blend which is a combination of both.  Once the hair has been treated it should then slide out the follicle with very little pulling with the use of tweezers.

How many treatments will I need ?

It is impossible for a electrologist to determine how many treatments someone will need.  In determining the number of treatments, you should consider the following; the sensitivity of the skin, current medications, any hormone imbalance, and how has the hair previously been treated.  Most clients find that weekly sessions beginning with a thirty (30) minutes to an hour is best.  As you progress with your treatments, you will need less time and your treatments will be scheduled further apart.

Does Electrolysis hurt?

Most people describe the sensation as a quick warmth.    Some areas may be more sensitive than others.  At certain times of the month, you may feel more sensitive.  You may take an over the counter pain reliever thirty (30) minutes before your appointment which should reduce or lessen the sensation during treatment.  

What are the side effects of Electrolysis?

Normally, you should have a slight redness and or swelling to the treated area.  After the hair is treated it leaves the follicle open that is prone to bacteria. Keeping the area clean and avoiding makeup or harsh products on the area for twenty -four (24) hours is recommended.

What do I need to do before my treatment?

Stop tweezing and using other temporary hair removal treatments two to three weeks before your appointment.  Shaving is ok until about five to seven days out form your appointment. The electrologist will need to be able to see the hair for treatment.  Well hydrated skin is easier to work on and may decrease the sensitivity.